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  • Time flies

    Time flies

    Two years since my last update. Sorry! There’s been a lot of new hardware, moved to a new flat, we’re in a pandemic… New tiny home studio; So much gear, so little time. This blog is under a small transformation where I’m adding an IT-section where I’m posting discoverys and some smartness (hopefully). Life goes…

  • Some love for my Emu

    Upgrading the mighty E4XT Ultra with a viable backup solution. Scsi–>IDE–>Compact Flash adapter…

  • Connecting my new studio

    A quick update. Right now on a plane to a gig in Tromsø… Traps and absorbers from Vicoustic. Under construction!

  • 2016

    Been quite busy moving to Oslo, working and gigging. I just haven’t had time to post any updates. So here’s a solo I did for the norwegian hiphop group Side Brok in January. Enjoy!

  • New single by Side Brok

    Omatt og Omatt is a new track by norwegian hip hop act Side Brok, which is to be released next thursday (21.08.14). The beat is made by yours truly. I will of course add a link here – so watch this space! Update:

  • New member in the family

    Korg MS-20 mini, you’re great! Welcome to my studio. Here it’s connected through Electro Harmonix Micro Synthesizer and Moogerfooger Low Pass filter. Rumble and joy – oh boy, it’s fat!

  • OP-1, my friend

    Having a couple of hours off, arranging a piece of music for an upcoming concert. The Finger pattern sequencer is the perfect tool for backing me in an semi-improvised setting. OP-1 saves the day! Behind and below the OP-1 you see Oslo in snow.

  • Getting there…

    ARP Odyssey restore nearly completed. It already sounds so much better now. The sliders used to be full of dirt and it was impossible to get the thing in tune. The key bushings are also replaced, which gives the keybed a night and day difference when it comes to playability! I love my Odyssey even…

  • Side Brok Heimegut – Sagtanns Crocket Remix

    Side Brok just released a remix that I did for them. Inspired by Jan Hammer and Miami Vice. Hope that you like it. iTunes, Spotify and WIMP Enjoy!

  • DIY electric piano

    What do you do when you have a fantastic keybed laying around? This is what I did: