Replacing shitloads of springs – ARP Odyssey

The keybed sensors needed new springs (and some cleaning).

Replacing over 100 springs takes time. I used leftover springs from a Wersi organ kit which I use for spare parts. Now the keybed feels lile it is brand new. No more double triggering, and you can now finally play two notes at the same time. I love this synth!


Been quite busy moving to Oslo, working and gigging. I just haven’t had time to post any updates.
So here’s a solo I did for the norwegian hiphop group Side Brok in January. Enjoy!

New studio desk

After removing my tonsils, I’ve had to do as little as possile and relax as part of my recovery. Today I could not resist building a new desk for my studio. Procrastinate no more! I had a couple of IKEA night tables which I put some wheels on, bought an old coffee table and some screws. Here are some pictures of the process!