Stuff that I do.

  • Bachelor party gone viral

    We had a fantastic time in Oslo this weekend… Yes, the media was fooled into believing this was a legit demo for men’s right to be men… link

  • MS-20 Mini test drive

    Here’s a video of me mucking around with my MS-20 Mini. I think the little bastard sounds absolutely terrific! No patching involved here, but it’s run through my Moogerfooger in bypass mode, hence with the drive fattening up the sound a little. Camera microphone from my iPhone 4S, so don’t expect earth shattering bass here…

  • Nord Lead 3

    Holy poop! This synth is absolutely fantastic to program and play. Here’s a dynamic saw wave lead sound I programmed in a couple of minutes. Too much reverb from my trusty old Roland RSP-550. Sorry about the retarded filming in vertical position, using my left hand while pitch bending…

  • New member in the family

    Korg MS-20 mini, you’re great! Welcome to my studio. Here it’s connected through Electro Harmonix Micro Synthesizer and Moogerfooger Low Pass filter. Rumble and joy – oh boy, it’s fat!

  • Working in the studio

    It’s starting to look like a decent studio. There’s been a lot of work lately, which has had to be prioritized over my studio. Spring cleaning soon!

  • Airline company trashed my Kronos

    My dear Kronos was wrecked when I arrived on my gig with Side Brok yesterday. Thank you for your excellent baggage handling, Wideroe…

  • Push is great

    Here’s my current music production setup, centred arould Ableton Live+Push. Effective, simple, yet powerful.

  • OP-1, my friend

    Having a couple of hours off, arranging a piece of music for an upcoming concert. The Finger pattern sequencer is the perfect tool for backing me in an semi-improvised setting. OP-1 saves the day! Behind and below the OP-1 you see Oslo in snow.

  • Getting there…

    ARP Odyssey restore nearly completed. It already sounds so much better now. The sliders used to be full of dirt and it was impossible to get the thing in tune. The key bushings are also replaced, which gives the keybed a night and day difference when it comes to playability! I love my Odyssey even…

  • Four decades of dirt

    My Odyssey was in need of some serious TLC – would you look at those sliders!

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