Category: Gear

  • Replacing shitloads of springs – ARP Odyssey

    The keybed sensors needed new springs (and some cleaning). Replacing over 100 springs takes time. I used leftover springs from a Wersi organ kit which I use for spare parts. Now the keybed feels lile it is brand new. No more double triggering, and you can now finally play two notes at the same time.…

  • 2016

    Been quite busy moving to Oslo, working and gigging. I just haven’t had time to post any updates. So here’s a solo I did for the norwegian hiphop group Side Brok in January. Enjoy!

  • More guitar repair work

    Yamaha SG 510 Kawai from the late 60’s.

  • ARP Solina II repair

    Needs some more love before she plays 100%. A few caps should do the trick.

  • Repairing an old Riviera organ

    In Italy they knew how to build reliable and portable organs. This one only needed a bit of cleaning. Now it plays like it’s brand New! Great success!

  • Repairing a few vintage guitars

    . A couple of 60’s japanese Kawai electricauitars. The red one is almost finished. Waiting for a few parts…

  • Studio picture

    My cozy home studio.

  • New studio desk

    After removing my tonsils, I’ve had to do as little as possile and relax as part of my recovery. Today I could not resist building a new desk for my studio. Procrastinate no more! I had a couple of IKEA night tables which I put some wheels on, bought an old coffee table and some…

  • Repairing a Polysix

    Tonight I’m working on a Korg Polysix. The battery is leaking and some broken keys. Tlc and some spare parts will do it.

  • MS-20 Mini test drive

    Here’s a video of me mucking around with my MS-20 Mini. I think the little bastard sounds absolutely terrific! No patching involved here, but it’s run through my Moogerfooger in bypass mode, hence with the drive fattening up the sound a little. Camera microphone from my iPhone 4S, so don’t expect earth shattering bass here…