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  • Org chart with a twist

    Org chart with a twist

    One of my customers really liked Microsoft’s Org chart web part in SharePoint. However, they needed to be able to display data from the manager-field as well as a custom field for line-manager combined in a single view. Their data comes from a couple of sources, the data source for this example comes from an…

  • Related news in SharePoint

    Related news in SharePoint

    Quite a few customers have asked me for a solution for automatic linking of related articles on their modern SharePoint intranet. I’ve drummed together a solution using PnP Modern Search and Term store. This solution requires that each news article (or page) is tagged with a single metadata column. 2. The search query: 3. Create…

  • Moving a Logic App [to a new tenant]

    Moving a Logic App [to a new tenant]

    This happens quite a bit when recycling stuff. Since there’s not a nice way to export and import Logic Apps as packages (as far as I’m concerned, but feel free to enlighten me), but there’s still a quick workaround for this. Sort of. Steps to success: 5. Enter Code View on your destination app. 6.…

  • Changing the Search scope in SharePoint

    Changing the Search scope in SharePoint

    When a customer with tons of sites needs to change the search scope, there are several ways to approach this. One solution is to create a PnP PowerShell script. In this example we’ll change the search scope to tenant (Organization). Steps to success: Drink some coffee and enjoy your new search scope.

  • Recreating Quick Links Tiles view with Microsoft Lists

    Recreating Quick Links Tiles view with Microsoft Lists

    My customers have often complained that the Tiles view in the QuickLinks web part isn’t pretty enough. Here is a recreation that uses the SharePoint theme’s colours. Create a new list with the following additional columns: Icon (Single line text)URL (Hyperlink)Sort (Number, no decimals)NewTab (Yes/No) For the icons, use friendly names from Try it…

  • Time flies

    Time flies

    Two years since my last update. Sorry! There’s been a lot of new hardware, moved to a new flat, we’re in a pandemic… New tiny home studio; So much gear, so little time. This blog is under a small transformation where I’m adding an IT-section where I’m posting discoverys and some smartness (hopefully). Life goes…

  • Some love for my Emu

    Upgrading the mighty E4XT Ultra with a viable backup solution. Scsi–>IDE–>Compact Flash adapter…

  • Replacing shitloads of springs – ARP Odyssey

    The keybed sensors needed new springs (and some cleaning). Replacing over 100 springs takes time. I used leftover springs from a Wersi organ kit which I use for spare parts. Now the keybed feels lile it is brand new. No more double triggering, and you can now finally play two notes at the same time.…

  • Connecting my new studio

    A quick update. Right now on a plane to a gig in Tromsø… Traps and absorbers from Vicoustic. Under construction!

  • 2016

    Been quite busy moving to Oslo, working and gigging. I just haven’t had time to post any updates. So here’s a solo I did for the norwegian hiphop group Side Brok in January. Enjoy!

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