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  1. Hi! Could you do a video of this organ?, or post some pictures of the electronics? thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Charles,

    Unfortunaltely the customer picked up the repaired organ a few days after the photoshoot. It sounds thin, like many transitor-based italian organs from that time… But still, it has an interesting timbre.

  3. Hello Pål !
    Looking amazing!! I would like to ask few tips for repairing this instruments.
    I have one with a black and cream color cover. How you clean this kind of material and give back the new black color to this (leather?)
    Thanks !

  4. Hei
    har et gammelt Riviera som trenger et service, men usikker på om det er vært pengene. Vet lite om verdier og slikt. Men så jo at du hadde overhalt et .

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